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The online only training provides an opportunity for students to theoretically and experientially engage with profound topics related to Ecstatic Mysticism including Psychedelic Medicine, Death, Liminality, Indigenous Wisdom, Integrative Psychotherapy, Deep Ecology, and Sexuality & Eroticism. Students will also be able to participate in the online introduction of the full program, which includes Comparative Mysticism and Transpersonal Psychology, Self-Knowledge and Characterology and an Introduction to the 7 learning pathways. 

The online only program is a suitable fit for individuals who are not interested in or do not have the means to attend in-person retreats and pilgrimages. Through transformative online learning classes and workshops, students will be able to learn from integrative teachers and experienced facilitators, and focus on their process of self-awareness and growth in a creative and holistic study environment.


Students will choose at least one online pathway to commit to, but they are welcome to choose three if they wish. Each pathway will involve an online immersion consisting of 3 trimesters (or 9 months of study), including the teaching classes and 1 workshop series (consisting of 9, 2.5hr classes) per pathway. The main differences between the online study and full program is that if you choose the online only study, you will not be attending retreats and pilgrimages, preparation/integration zoom calls nor will you be offering Journey Log presentations. Additionally, the introduction to the training is optional.

If students wish to continue on with a Masters and/or Phd with Ubiquity University, they will need to take three pathways in total.

For those interested in a Masters of Arts (MA) in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy and/or a PhD in Psychedelic Studies with Ubiquity, students will be required to take the combination of Psychedelic Medicine, Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Entheogenic Practices and Integrative Psychotherapy as their three core pathways. Any other combination of three-pathways will also allow students to embark on a Masters and/or Phd in Ecstatic Mysticism with Ubiquity or. Doctorate of Ministry.

To study with us online as a new student, you will need to pay the application fee of $100 USD and then complete the application requirements in order to secure your interview. Please go to the APPLY page to access this application.

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