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​1. Complete the application form by clicking the APPLY NOW button below and upload your applicable diplomas and certificates; your updated and relevant CV/Resume; and a 2-page letter within the application


2. Choose a day and time to have an interview with the AWE applications team by clicking the BOOK INTERVIEW button below. When you book in your interview, you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee of $100 USD to secure your spot.

3. Complete the MEDICAL FORM.


4. After being interviewed, you will receive an email confirming whether or not you have been accepted into the introductory aspect of the program. 

5. Lastly, at the end of the introductory portion of the program, the AWE team will further assess and discern whether the three-year training program is suitable for each participant. If this is the case, you will receive an invitation to enter into the full program.









1. Complete the application form by clicking the APPLY ONLINE button below. 


2. Choose a day and time to have an interview with the AWE applications team by clicking the BOOK INTERVIEW button below. When you book in your interview, you will need to pay the non-refundable application fee of $100 USD to secure your spot. 




Applications are closed.




The full online-residential three-year program:


* $100 USD application fee to book your interview

* $2000 USD enrollment deposit (due mid-2024)

* Year one is $9,500 USD; year two is $10,052 USD; year three is $10,656 USD (we will ask for each years payment in segments of four).

* Total of $32,308 USD for the three-year program. 

This does not include flights to and from the retreats and pilgrimages, but it does include food, lodging, and internal transportation during pilgrimages and retreats.


The online only program:


* $100 USD application fee to book your interview

* $4,500 USD per pathway

* $I,500 USD Introduction to the training program (optional)

The costs and required courses to continue with a Masters and/or PhD through Ubiquity University are separate to the above fees and coursework with AWE. Please visit the Ubiquity landing page to learn more.

Valerio AWE


What kind of people are you looking to accept in the program?


We are interested ​in welcoming and supporting students who have a strong personal calling to their psycho-spiritual work, who are committed to compassionate service, who have the potential of making a big impact in their communities and in the world, and who exude an attitude of curiosity to explore their psyche, their shadows, their relationships, and the numinous.


Do I need to have a particular background in order to join the program?


No. We are welcoming students who have a genuine connection to the mystery, their personal healing, or their social impact work, even if they have not followed a traditional academic route. If you have explored your relationship to the numinous through shamanism, mindfulness, experiential psychotherapy, activism, or solid immersions into extra-ordinary states, for example, and feel ready to commit to your healing and development in this 3-year program, we encourage you to apply. 


What happens if I can’t attend one of the retreats or pilgrimages?

The retreats and pilgrimages are crucial components of the overall training program. You must attend all 6 retreats/pilgrimages in order to graduate. However, if you cannot attend a retreat or pilgrimage, or if you want to attend a retreat/pilgrimage but it has already filled, you may be able to take it again at a later time, or choose another retreat when you are able to attend. It is important that when applying for the program you ensure that your life circumstances are congruent with making this training a priority and commitment for 3 years. We will do our best to work alongside you if there are any unforeseen circumstances that arise during your study. 


How academic is the program? Are there exams that I will need to take?

The program is a balance of theoretical and experiential learning. You will be required to read papers, to complete a variety of homework assignments, to engage in group work, to write essays, and to develop small projects that will require both critical and creative thinking. There will not be any written exams; however, you will be graded on the completion of your homework, your participation in the retreats and pilgrimages, as well as other projects such as the Journey Log presentation. 


Do you have scholarships or options for payment plans? 

As we are an NGO, we do not offer scholarships or payment plans for students. The payments we receive for the program are poured into supporting the indigenous communities that we have relationships with, therefore, these are where our scholarships go. Please visit our non-profit website to learn more. 


How will I know if I am accepted in your program?

You will receive an email confirming whether you have been accepted into the introductory portion of the program. After completing the introduction to Ecstatic Mysticism and attending the Noesis retreat, you will be informed of whether you have been accepted to continue in the full 3-year training.


If I have studied with you before through PTT, what are my options in continuing education with Ecstatic Mysticism?


If you are an alumni of PTT, you have 2 options for continuing with us:

  1. You are welcome to apply to the 3-year training program of Ecstatic Mysticism.

  2. You are welcome to join the online portion of the training only, choosing one or more pathways to engage in virtually.



Psychedelic Therapy Training

“This is an apprenticeship like no other, one which sends the learner back to the drawing room of what it means to be human. Some of us have come here via initiations of profound wounding which brought a calling to heal others. It is only through the passage of a container such as this one, which encourages and manifests such depths of transformation, where one can hope to achieve attunement with another’s unfolding journey."



We are committed to inner transformation and the development of consciousness as a path to peace, to truth, to inner ecology, and to a reconciliation within ourselves that can be transformed into a collective and social transformation.

AWE is a non-profit incorporated in Colombia and designed for international outreach. We are dedicated to investigating, recovering, and defending the mystical experience. We have four sites in different places around the major communities which we have relationships with: in Wirikuta, the peyote desert around the Wixaritari community of Mexico; in Sucumbios, the Amazon region of Ecuador,  around the A’i Cofan community; in Micodi, Gabon, around a Babongo-Pygmea, Sango, and Tsogo community; and in the Darien, Chocó, Colombia. Within these sites, AWE carries out pilgrimages and social projects; connecting with these communities and their mystical traditions and wisdom.


This training is offered strictly for educational purposes only. Remember that for the time being, some psychedelic substances remain illegal in many countries. Ecstatic Mysticism and AWE offer education and harm reduction but are not responsible for how psychedelic substances are used by trainees outside of supervised sessions.


This training will make sure that students have an ample array of tools and experience to accompany psychedelic therapy processes, but due to government regulations, for the time being, the Ecstatic Mysticism training cannot and does not offer medical licenses for students to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy services. 


Additionally, please know that during the 3-year training the teachers, modules, and/or retreats may be subject to change based on the evolution of the training program. 

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