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ecstatic mysticism

Empowering self-awareness and personal evolution through experiential transmissions and transformational psychedelic education

sacred, disruptive, ineffable


- dive into unexplored shores of consciousness - dive into unexplored shores of consciousness- dive into unexplored shores of consciousness- dive into unexplored shores of consciousness


Ecstatic Mysticism (formerly Psychedelic Therapy Training) is a radical and profound hybrid three-year training program that focuses on educating and preparing self-aware, mature, and skillful seekers and leaders who can be of service to their communities and to the world. Our curriculum has an intensity of 1400 hours.

sacred mystery

We emphasize the combination of rigorous integrative education with hands-on experiential learning to challenge students to grow beyond their corners of knowledge and to be transformed into responsible and compassionate practitioners that can transmit authenticity from within their own paths to serve their communities.

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Our training offers a unique synthesis of western philosophies and therapeutic practices, with indigenous knowledge and mystical traditions,
and is inspired by the lineages of Psychology: Humanistic, Gestalt, Transpersonal; Shamanism: Nahua, Wixaritari, Ai, Mitsogo, Babongo, Lakota; and Buddhism: Vajrayana and Radical Dzogchen.

The Ecstatic Mysticism training is a blend of in-person intensives and online immersions.

Half of the program is dedicated to our online immersions led by leaders and pioneers in the fields of transpersonal psychology, psychedelic medicine and research, deep ecology and systemic theory, dying and death, indigenous wisdom, sexuality and eroticism, and the intersection of madness and mysticism.

The other half is committed to in-depth experiential work in our in-person retreats and pilgrimages. These intensives are centered on embodied inner-work and therapeutic group processing, along with learning from the diverse traditions, rituals, and cosmovisions of indigenous communities, including: The A'i, within an A'i-Cofan reservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon; a Massango/Babongo village in Gabon, Africa; the Wixaritari at Wirikuta, the peyote pilgrimage site in Mexico, and the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin sacred territories in Brazil. 

Ecstatic Mysticism is a non-profit project from AWE - an NGO focused on investigating, recovering, and defending the mystical experience.


initiations in amplified states of consciousness

Join an eclectic and diverse community focused on integrating transpersonal and psychedelic therapy, indigenous mystical traditions, and modern consciousness research for personal healing and cultural evolution.

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Sexuality  &  Eroticism


Integrative  Psychotherapy

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